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Real Estate Broker Community Under Investigation
Until recently, the only option a seller had to engage a real estate broker was to pay a fixed-rate commission. Well, not really... commission are not fixed by law.

Flipping Properties for Cash Profits
Real estate, like any other commodity, is bought and sold every day of the week. Many people become real estate agents because they know a small piece of a large pie means big bucks.

Dealing With Real Estate Agents
The real estate agents have a valuable source of potential deals for the real estate investor - the Multiple Listing Service.

Letting brokers speak: real estate and free speech

USUALLY WHEN A court refuses to recognize a privilege for professional journalists, it's seen as a defeat for the First Amendment.

Creating Daily Success in Real Estate

The journey to a successful life should be enjoyed. True success comes from accomplishing the activities daily that will lead you to your ultimate goals in life.
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